Even simple trips can be hazardous under difficult weather conditions. Icy roads or rough terrain can wreak havoc on your tires and wheels. Mopar® offers road hazard tire and wheel coverage to give you extra protection for damage caused by road hazards.

The main element of Mopar®'s vehicle protection program is compensation for the replacement or repair cost of four aftermarket or factory wheels and tires. The compensation is assessed at the retail market value at the time of the repair or replacement. That way, you're insured against the real financial expense to you instead of a fixed theoretical amount.

The vehicle protection coverage includes even the smallest road hazards, such as potholes or curbs. You can be compensated if you need to repair your wheels after hitting a particularly deep pothole.

Schedule an appointment with our service center at Jasper Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram to learn more about insuring your tires and wheels against road hazards.

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