With summer beginning to arrive, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is still healthy after winter. At our dealership, our service center offers the capability to handle our maintenance and repair needs. Our team also understands the service process can quickly become overwhelming, which is why we have put together a list of our top four summer maintenance tips.

Top Four Summer Maintenance Tips

  • Change Your Oil:
    Now that the winter months are gone, it is likely time to get your oil checked. By changing your oil, you will be ready to handle the many miles ahead with confidence. Our team utilizes oil optimized for your vehicle, as well as the proper oil filter.
  • Rotate Your Tires:
    The health of your tires is important. When you rotate your tires at the recommended interval, you will know that your tread is wearing evenly.
  • Check Your Filters:
    From your engine air filter to your cabin air filter, over winter, your filters may have become less effective. If it is time for a filter change, we encourage you to schedule a service with our team, so we can replace your old filters with new ones.
  • Clean Your Ride:
    It is understandable that after winter, your vehicle may not be as clean as you would like. Consider getting a car wash and cleaning the interior of your ride to return it to its pristine condition. You can contact our team to find what cleaning supplies we recommend.

Are you in search of summer maintenance for your vehicle or genuine MOPAR parts, you can count on our dealership to deliver. We encourage you to schedule a service appointment online, so you know what time and date to bring your vehicle to our team.

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